The American Dream Exhibit

The American Dream in the 1980's

'Greed is good' became a popular saying in the '80's
"As long as you're going to be thinkin anyway, you might as well think big." - Donald Trump

The 1980's were a hard time for many Americans because the economy was in a recession. Farmers were especially unfortunate because crop prices declined, as did exports. So, during this time Americans dreamed of being carefree, having fun, and make money.

The American Dream
It is the American Dream
What we all strive for and imagine
Indouble-wide trailers to double-wide mansions
In sprouting lakes of fake fish.
Nothing captures its essence
Unbound by time or dust or rot
The thingswe cherish still are lovingly patted
And brought through the centuries.

It is more than a dream now
It's a reality that the millions have made
Our heart and soul builds the heaven on earth.
A refuge for the sick,
And a shelter for the needy,
It is everything we desire.

In the cherry trucks and laughing children
To indolent teenagers with smoke circling
We see our dream and the actuality
It may not be perfect, but itis our heaven
And so disillusioned we conjure forth our hope.

In the picket fences we see our childhood
In the sky we see our adulthood
And inthe middle we see our life.
Suspended, but not contained,
It is the dream that wakes within us all.
'by: Unknown