The American Dream Exhibit

  The American Dream 1990's

   The american dream for the 90's was common to the dream of the 80's, but more well developed. The dream was to have money,power, and status. Also to have the developement of internet which enabled all of this. Most people invested in .com to become rich. The dream also includes fame and forutune. Unlike the 80's, the dream wasn't really world peace, it was more of individual success.

Lost in the 90's
I seem to always find
the oddest things at
garage sales

Treasured lava lamps,
and the velvet pictures...,
Orange Naugahyde chairs
with cigarette burns...,
old vinyl records,
of course!

How 'bout that avacodo colored Formica ?

I seem to know
disco beats...
Those retro fads---
crimped hair; afros;

don't forget Charlie's Angels ®
Queen Farrah
Oh that stupid Fosset!

The pipes froze with degrees in the '80's...

But that hustle
of platform heels
surfaced again --
In 1990.
along with that vinyl craze;

For after "you spin me 'round, 'round Baby"
We're still left dizzy!

to the '60's
The Fashion Forecaster
calls for more nostalgia...
dropping to the lower '50's...

We wear confusion like a trend in these late 1990's

By: Amber P.